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JACK Jack Seriola rivoliana ValenciennesTAXONOMY:Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: Chordata Class:  ActinopterygiiOrder:  PerciformesFamily: CarangidaeGenus: SeriolaSpecies: rivolianaCommon name: HuayaipéScientific name: Seriola rivoliana Valenciennes,1833 CHARACTERISTICS: It is a fish that grows very fast and its flesh is white.Their diet is fish and crustaceans.…

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Exportation Hake

EXPORTATION HAKE Process of frozen hake with skin 1. Product arrival https://youtu.be/lf1QbwVN4uc 2. Processing of hake fillets https://youtu.be/5rDKNP8S1uo 3. Hake eggs https://youtu.be/JwLYXRq8n8Q 4. Hake fillets stored in molds to freeze…

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