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PACIMARPES S.A. performs processes of fresh and frozen fish, the activity starts from fishing where it is carried out by artisanal and industrial fishermen, in which they use different instruments to catch different species (fish, molluscs, crustaceans, among others). When the raw material arrives at the port, it is passed to the plant where the fish falls into cubes and then our product is subsequently selected according to the parameters required by the client and to guarantee the health of the consumers of the product.


PACIMARPES S.A. is an Ecuadorian company specialized in the commercialization of seafood products, it accomplishes the quality standards, demanded by the control authorities.We provide products under certifications and services that generate confidence in our clients, in national and international markets in order to satisfy and fulfill their expectations, at competitive prices, benefiting the community.
Our policy is focused on providing products with quality, safety and social responsibility through the implementation and compliance of planning, management and control systems, which allows us to comply with all the regulations and legal



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